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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

It has been quite awhile! I wentover to Xanga, and they are now down for who knows how long. Ahhh..such fickle loyalty.

Wanted to see some meteors tonight, but it was just too cloudy. CAn you imagione that in the desert southwest? But ds and I took in a great lightning show while gobbling up M&M's. I went out late at about 12:30, and still clouds covering the northeastern sky. (and most of the whole sky. It was beautiful though...full Green Corn Moon, swirly clouds everywhere, and Marswas right up there next to the moon! Oh my heavens...nothing else could penetrate those clouds besides MArs and the Moon. Crickets were chirping, cool, moist breeze was a-blowing, the windchime was tinkling softly...oh what a magical night!

Thursday, January 30, 2003

Ah, life with a poor little plugged up baby! Dd has been chronically plugged up since she began eating solid food about 6 months ago. I have changed our diets, avoiding wheat, dairy, banannas, white rice, then brown and all rice. I have been disquising and systematically trying to get pune juice, aloe vera juice, bifidis suppliments, homeopathic remedies (although that one may be doing something), etc down into her little tummy. We have been making a special daily effort to run her little tushy around to make her bowels move, too. (that has been the most help, or I would like to think the extra effort is paying off, anyway.)

Last week I made well..a fruit spread. (Martha Stewart would call it a "chutney") I gently boiled prunes and dried apricots, added fresh pear and nectarines, and threw the whole thing in the food proccesor, and added a little cinnimon. It had a very golden, roasty brown color. Tasted good, too! A fiber dream! do I get it past the sweet, lucious lips of a typical independent two-year-old? I asked dd, "Do you want some fruit butter?" (it kind of looked like peanut butter) "Fruit butter!" she exclaimed, and came waddling up to me. I put a dollop on a nice rice bran cracker (another story in itself) and she sniffed it, and promptly handed it back to me. Hmmm....a different approach would be necessary. I then asked her, "Do you want some fruit soup?" (I'll try anything) "Fruit zoop!" she exclaimed, and came back for the curious-looking stuff on the end of a spoon offered to her. SHe took the whole glop into her mouth, furrowed her little eyebrows, and in a panic, stuck out her tongue and made noises that I know to be, "help! Get this inedible stuff off my tongue!" So I collected myself in my rejection, and put the stuff in a container and into the frig, until I could conceal it in her food later.

About two hours later, my package from the herbal catalog arrived with my comfrey/St. John's wort salve. (for rashes, other minor skin ailments) Dd wanted to know what was inside the jar. I opened it for her, and she stuck her finger in the gloop. I did the same, talking about what we used it for, and rubbed it on my skin to show her how to use it. She gave me a knowing look, and then shoved the glop into her mouth! She swalloed it, smiled, and said, "Mmmmm! Yummy!" I stood there, amazed. I sniffed didn't smell like much of anything...especially not food. But hey, it has st. johns wort in it...that might be a good calming influence for any two-year-old to have every now and then. Maybe if I put the fruit zoop in that jar of salve, she would eat it!

By the way, I have gotten the fruit zoop passed the lips of discriminating dd. I put a few spoonfulls into our quinoa cereal. It actually improves the taste! And..dh go her to eat about 4 glops of it the other night.. he.put it on the end of that rice bran cracker again, and she ate it without batting an eye. "Oh, she just must like it better cold" I reasoned to myself. But I have yet to reproduce the same results. Hmmm...the fruit zoop consumption has been just deligated as a daddy job!

Friday, January 17, 2003

Well, I got the "Dear Jane" letter from HEM about my article. Shucks. They have a writer's forum on their message boards, and maybe I'll take a peak and see if I might enjoy it. I understand that their regular contributors to the mag give feedback on the written work of those who ask for it...a dream come true! I don't know if I want that kind of feedback in my fragile, infant writing phase of my life right now. . I thought that someday I might like to write to publish. Oh, but can I take the rejection?!? (-;

Bowling party was a hit, even though aboult half of party attendees were miserable with the common crud going around. Poor kids. (including my two) Poor me! Dh has been staying up late burning incense and chanting spells to keep from getting it, and so far he has been successful. (Well, smithing in the garage is really what he has been doing..not breathing our sick air in the house..but the spells and incense thing sounded good, anyway)

We have all-womens' rodeo this weekend! Ds is going top participate in the stick horse race during the kids' rodeo. He has done this before on his trusty stick horse, named Tony. Had his name and Tony's name broadcasted throughout the arena, by his dad with the broadcast voice. (former deejay of his little hometown), and enjoyed the roar of the crowd as he skillfully negotiated the barrels. (he was disqualified for not "keeping the pattern", but he doesn't care)

Maybe we will have a bonfire in the backyard tonight. Dd would be glad for that, and would come out in a flash clutching the bag of marshmellows to her slight, baby chest.

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Happy New Year! My mind has been at a loss of what to write about lately. I have been in a funk for the past few months, which I think hampers creativity and wondering about things. I have also noticed an ebb and flow when it comes to writing;sometimes it just comes flowing out, and then I need to go live life some more during the ebb times before the writing can flow again.

Speaking of writing, I submitted an article to Home Education Magazine. It was something I had written last summer, andI revised it and sent it in yesterday. HEM's guidelines for submission are very friendly to writers that don't make it their profession..those of us out here in the "trenches" living out life. It would be rather heady for me to have it published.

Ds has been getting more into sailing ships, ship wrecks and buried treasure. He snorkels in the bathtub with a vast aray of boats, sunken ships and hotwheel-type underwater explorer vehicles, and carries on conversations between himself and Robert Ballard. (the person who led a team in and eventually found the Titanic) He turned 7 last week! It doesn't seem possible.

Dd is becoming stage singer. She sings songs by The Roaches, The Wiggles, and The Sound of Music. SHe holds a pen, or paper towel tube, or anything stick-like as her microphone, and stands up (sometimes on the coffee table) and lets it all out!

We've got all-womens' rodeo coming up, as well as our annual cowboy poetry and music gathering, too. There is a winterfest up north in our old stomping grounds, and maybe we can head up there and visit with some friends.

Friday, December 27, 2002

Typing one-handed here. Had an exciting holiday trip up north to see family. The famly truckster is sick! Got a tank of bad gas, or at least that is what we suspect. It seems like a disease, as many of our neighbors are also spending an hour+ trying to gt their vehicles satrted, too! It would be really funny if it weren't so *not* funny! Migt be water in the gas, as our neighbor found water contmination in his carburator. Poor dh! He has changed the fuel filter 4 times, has put alcohol additive in the tank, has driven it hours upon hours to burn/blow the gunk or water out. It made for a hair-raising trip to Grandma's house!

Will wrote more later...dd is getting heavy here on my shoulder. I have family/teacher politics/misunderstanding of homeschooloing issues to tickity-tack about.

Sunday, December 15, 2002

Well, I oriiiginally wrote this sometime last weekend, and haven't gotten back to finish it till today. So I will just publish what I have before dd gropes and wails for me in her sleep...

Ahh! I escaped from the bed while my sweet dd's still sleep! Got the computer and a big, steaming mug of fresh coffee here beside me! I love stolen moments! I haven't had time to myself for a long time.....

We did some family bell-ringing for the Salvation Army yesterday. We really did it with ds's scout pack, and we and another boy and his mother took the first two-hour shift. The kids did really well. THey rang that bell and said greetings to passers-by, wether they donated or not. I think a lot of older folks were flabbergasted that two young boys were out there ringing the bell, as many stopped to just look for a moment. Many smiled, and donated, and when one of the kids said, "Thank You", they said something like, "Thank *you*, young man!" Maybe they feel that all is not lost for today's youth. (of course, we already know that!) Maybe they think that kids couldn't "work" for tha Salvation Army...until recently, I didn't know that bell ringers were volunteers from anywhere, either.

So dh and I took turns ringing with the boys, while the other pushed dd around in the "Big Yellow Car"- the grocery store's new shopping carts that look like race[plete with steering wheels for two kiddies. And oh! How they can roll and maneover! They are fun for the adult too, as the cart is sturdy enough for the adult to push and then jump on the cart and hang on while going downhill. Whee! (I have seen many dads and moms do this). THey boys took breaks too, and joined dd on the ride in the "Big Yellow Car". Any WIggles fans out there? Then your kids might like the Big___(fill in the color) Car for the same reasons my kids did. Can't beat free entetainment of a shopping cart for two hours!

I have been thinking about creativity a lot lately, and how kids express it. I remember an article in Mothering Mag a few years ago about "developing" artistic skill/enjoyment in kids, and how it was pointed out that coloring books stifle creativity, because the child doing the coloring is limited to just filling a color choice in a pre-drawn figure. Well, I can see that, but I don't think this sweeping generalization should be made for all children. There are kids who *do* express their creativity with coloring books. THe popular expression we have heard from time to time, "don't stay wthin the lines" says this. MAny kids don't, and modify the picture to suit themselves. Some kids are very happy with color choice as a creative outlet, adn that is enough. Some kids are what I think are mathematically-oriented and enjoy making patterns with color and texture, etc on paper, and that is very creative. My ds is more of the free-flow type, though. ("freeflow" and his name are synonomous) He just wants the basic paper and pens/pencils/markeers/paint, etc, and just prefers to draw right from his brain and imagination. THat is certainly creative, too. Llet's not judge what is creative and what isn't!

Monday, December 09, 2002

Ok head of mine... spin, spin, spin! Ther holiday parade was on Saturday morning. I dropped off ds at the line-up area, where dh was already waiting. We stay awhile, but then dd and I leave and take the back streets (the parade route is on the main drag through town, and was closed by this point) to a point half-way through so we can see the parade and take video and pictures of the scouts marching by. We watch them, which is thrilling for me, and then hop back in the truck again, get back on the back streets, cross the main drag beyond the end of the parade, cut through the park, and smugly assume I can reach the end of the route, which is K-Mart, to pick up ds and dh. But my route is blocked off by patrol car about 1/4 mile from the K-Mart! Ahhh! Flip a u-ie, and park in the shopping center across the street. We make it just after the crew arrives at the end of the route.

I felt like I was covewring a huge media event! Dh and I each had our cell phone and a walkie talkie, and I also had the camera and the video camera. So when dd and I arrive at our second stop (to watch the parade) I get out of the truck, puton my sling, put dd in it, then load up my sling pockets with walkie talkie, cell phone, camera, put video camera over my shoulder also loaded up the sling (why didn't wear pants with pockets that day?) with car keyes, candy canes and other snacks so dd would want to stick around long enough to see her brother and daddy in the parade. (also to distract her to make transitions from sling to car more easily...I'm so shameless! Bribing my kid with candy to move along!) We also bought popcorn at the parade to serve the same purpose, so I carried that box around when it wasn't coveted between the clutched , pudgy hands of sweet dd.

I was worried that ds wouldn't make the whole 3- mile route, and as I squinted my eyes to glimpse the front of the parade beginning to meander it's way down towards us, I realized just how far it was! But there they finally were, and ds was still walking with his normal spring, waving at the crowd, just basking in his glory. (He has wanted to be in a parade since he was four) He was just fine. Ok, dd, off to catch them! (This didn't need any bribing, as she wanted to be with daddy and ds as soon as she saw them)

They were all absolutely pooped when we retrived them. All the noisy, brash, boyish energy the scouts were exuberitating with at the beginning of the route was replaced with mellow, tired out, glassy stares. "Would you like to do this agin someday?" I asked ds. "Ahh...not fora long time!" He answered. But he had a big grin on his face, so I think he will.

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