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Monday, December 09, 2002

Ok head of mine... spin, spin, spin! Ther holiday parade was on Saturday morning. I dropped off ds at the line-up area, where dh was already waiting. We stay awhile, but then dd and I leave and take the back streets (the parade route is on the main drag through town, and was closed by this point) to a point half-way through so we can see the parade and take video and pictures of the scouts marching by. We watch them, which is thrilling for me, and then hop back in the truck again, get back on the back streets, cross the main drag beyond the end of the parade, cut through the park, and smugly assume I can reach the end of the route, which is K-Mart, to pick up ds and dh. But my route is blocked off by patrol car about 1/4 mile from the K-Mart! Ahhh! Flip a u-ie, and park in the shopping center across the street. We make it just after the crew arrives at the end of the route.

I felt like I was covewring a huge media event! Dh and I each had our cell phone and a walkie talkie, and I also had the camera and the video camera. So when dd and I arrive at our second stop (to watch the parade) I get out of the truck, puton my sling, put dd in it, then load up my sling pockets with walkie talkie, cell phone, camera, put video camera over my shoulder also loaded up the sling (why didn't wear pants with pockets that day?) with car keyes, candy canes and other snacks so dd would want to stick around long enough to see her brother and daddy in the parade. (also to distract her to make transitions from sling to car more easily...I'm so shameless! Bribing my kid with candy to move along!) We also bought popcorn at the parade to serve the same purpose, so I carried that box around when it wasn't coveted between the clutched , pudgy hands of sweet dd.

I was worried that ds wouldn't make the whole 3- mile route, and as I squinted my eyes to glimpse the front of the parade beginning to meander it's way down towards us, I realized just how far it was! But there they finally were, and ds was still walking with his normal spring, waving at the crowd, just basking in his glory. (He has wanted to be in a parade since he was four) He was just fine. Ok, dd, off to catch them! (This didn't need any bribing, as she wanted to be with daddy and ds as soon as she saw them)

They were all absolutely pooped when we retrived them. All the noisy, brash, boyish energy the scouts were exuberitating with at the beginning of the route was replaced with mellow, tired out, glassy stares. "Would you like to do this agin someday?" I asked ds. "Ahh...not fora long time!" He answered. But he had a big grin on his face, so I think he will.

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