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Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Happy New Year! My mind has been at a loss of what to write about lately. I have been in a funk for the past few months, which I think hampers creativity and wondering about things. I have also noticed an ebb and flow when it comes to writing;sometimes it just comes flowing out, and then I need to go live life some more during the ebb times before the writing can flow again.

Speaking of writing, I submitted an article to Home Education Magazine. It was something I had written last summer, andI revised it and sent it in yesterday. HEM's guidelines for submission are very friendly to writers that don't make it their profession..those of us out here in the "trenches" living out life. It would be rather heady for me to have it published.

Ds has been getting more into sailing ships, ship wrecks and buried treasure. He snorkels in the bathtub with a vast aray of boats, sunken ships and hotwheel-type underwater explorer vehicles, and carries on conversations between himself and Robert Ballard. (the person who led a team in and eventually found the Titanic) He turned 7 last week! It doesn't seem possible.

Dd is becoming stage singer. She sings songs by The Roaches, The Wiggles, and The Sound of Music. SHe holds a pen, or paper towel tube, or anything stick-like as her microphone, and stands up (sometimes on the coffee table) and lets it all out!

We've got all-womens' rodeo coming up, as well as our annual cowboy poetry and music gathering, too. There is a winterfest up north in our old stomping grounds, and maybe we can head up there and visit with some friends.

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