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Friday, January 17, 2003

Well, I got the "Dear Jane" letter from HEM about my article. Shucks. They have a writer's forum on their message boards, and maybe I'll take a peak and see if I might enjoy it. I understand that their regular contributors to the mag give feedback on the written work of those who ask for it...a dream come true! I don't know if I want that kind of feedback in my fragile, infant writing phase of my life right now. . I thought that someday I might like to write to publish. Oh, but can I take the rejection?!? (-;

Bowling party was a hit, even though aboult half of party attendees were miserable with the common crud going around. Poor kids. (including my two) Poor me! Dh has been staying up late burning incense and chanting spells to keep from getting it, and so far he has been successful. (Well, smithing in the garage is really what he has been doing..not breathing our sick air in the house..but the spells and incense thing sounded good, anyway)

We have all-womens' rodeo this weekend! Ds is going top participate in the stick horse race during the kids' rodeo. He has done this before on his trusty stick horse, named Tony. Had his name and Tony's name broadcasted throughout the arena, by his dad with the broadcast voice. (former deejay of his little hometown), and enjoyed the roar of the crowd as he skillfully negotiated the barrels. (he was disqualified for not "keeping the pattern", but he doesn't care)

Maybe we will have a bonfire in the backyard tonight. Dd would be glad for that, and would come out in a flash clutching the bag of marshmellows to her slight, baby chest.

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