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Thursday, January 30, 2003

Ah, life with a poor little plugged up baby! Dd has been chronically plugged up since she began eating solid food about 6 months ago. I have changed our diets, avoiding wheat, dairy, banannas, white rice, then brown and all rice. I have been disquising and systematically trying to get pune juice, aloe vera juice, bifidis suppliments, homeopathic remedies (although that one may be doing something), etc down into her little tummy. We have been making a special daily effort to run her little tushy around to make her bowels move, too. (that has been the most help, or I would like to think the extra effort is paying off, anyway.)

Last week I made well..a fruit spread. (Martha Stewart would call it a "chutney") I gently boiled prunes and dried apricots, added fresh pear and nectarines, and threw the whole thing in the food proccesor, and added a little cinnimon. It had a very golden, roasty brown color. Tasted good, too! A fiber dream! do I get it past the sweet, lucious lips of a typical independent two-year-old? I asked dd, "Do you want some fruit butter?" (it kind of looked like peanut butter) "Fruit butter!" she exclaimed, and came waddling up to me. I put a dollop on a nice rice bran cracker (another story in itself) and she sniffed it, and promptly handed it back to me. Hmmm....a different approach would be necessary. I then asked her, "Do you want some fruit soup?" (I'll try anything) "Fruit zoop!" she exclaimed, and came back for the curious-looking stuff on the end of a spoon offered to her. SHe took the whole glop into her mouth, furrowed her little eyebrows, and in a panic, stuck out her tongue and made noises that I know to be, "help! Get this inedible stuff off my tongue!" So I collected myself in my rejection, and put the stuff in a container and into the frig, until I could conceal it in her food later.

About two hours later, my package from the herbal catalog arrived with my comfrey/St. John's wort salve. (for rashes, other minor skin ailments) Dd wanted to know what was inside the jar. I opened it for her, and she stuck her finger in the gloop. I did the same, talking about what we used it for, and rubbed it on my skin to show her how to use it. She gave me a knowing look, and then shoved the glop into her mouth! She swalloed it, smiled, and said, "Mmmmm! Yummy!" I stood there, amazed. I sniffed didn't smell like much of anything...especially not food. But hey, it has st. johns wort in it...that might be a good calming influence for any two-year-old to have every now and then. Maybe if I put the fruit zoop in that jar of salve, she would eat it!

By the way, I have gotten the fruit zoop passed the lips of discriminating dd. I put a few spoonfulls into our quinoa cereal. It actually improves the taste! And..dh go her to eat about 4 glops of it the other night.. he.put it on the end of that rice bran cracker again, and she ate it without batting an eye. "Oh, she just must like it better cold" I reasoned to myself. But I have yet to reproduce the same results. Hmmm...the fruit zoop consumption has been just deligated as a daddy job!

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