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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

It has been quite awhile! I wentover to Xanga, and they are now down for who knows how long. Ahhh..such fickle loyalty.

Wanted to see some meteors tonight, but it was just too cloudy. CAn you imagione that in the desert southwest? But ds and I took in a great lightning show while gobbling up M&M's. I went out late at about 12:30, and still clouds covering the northeastern sky. (and most of the whole sky. It was beautiful though...full Green Corn Moon, swirly clouds everywhere, and Marswas right up there next to the moon! Oh my heavens...nothing else could penetrate those clouds besides MArs and the Moon. Crickets were chirping, cool, moist breeze was a-blowing, the windchime was tinkling softly...oh what a magical night!

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